I promise this is not a BLOG

Hi. (SO awkward!!!!!!)

I’m Madison. Maybe you’re wondering what this is, well let me just be the fist one to tell you that I have NO IDEA. It has been an internal battle (+ also one with my mom) to start a ‘blog’. Blegh… blog. The word just bugs me. I always wondered who would ever even want to read it. Over the years my ‘blog’ would have looked something like this: nanny diaries, cute lunch box recipes, how to become a spectacular packer, life as a gypsy, and then… the predictable missionary-life blog. Believe me, there was A LOT that went down in, around, before + after those commas. Maybe we’ll get there eventually.

But for now, I am doing it- I am starting a BLOG, and here’s my WHY. I am a creative person at heart. I am a (secret) diary keeper. I love to meet people and I love to try to leave them happier than when I met them. I am the queen of tongue-ties and over use of hand gestures while talking. I am not confident in ANY type of public speaking. I categorize myself with all of the other girls who think their story is… meh- unworthy of being told.

But I have seen so much beauty in sharing bits + pieces from my journey (thanks, instagram), I’ve seen freedom reign in Haiti where you have no other option but to be real. I have had so many of those “ME TOO” moments reading other girls’ stories. So, I’m taking a chance in hopes that maybe for just one person, my words will be a parachute- or a guard rail- to your cliff. And when everything looks crazy and scary and you have the opportunity to fly or crash, I hope to give you the freedom to take the chance either way. Knowing that you will always be caught by love.

Soooo, blah blah blah. Blogs are cool. I guess I should put this in the “About Me” or something. I am trembling in my boots because vulnerability is real y’all. But hey, maybe I’ll find my wings here! We’re all looking for them, aren’t we?

Now go + be nice to people!

Thanks for reading this far,

Madi (so many nerd eyes + heart emojis

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