First + Second Trimester: New Mom Must Haves!

First + Second Trimester: New Mom Must Haves! 

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1. Lanolips Multipurpose Superbalm: What it is: A balm that provides extreme hydration to extremely dry lips, skin patches, cuticles, nasal passages and more. Why I love it: because my lips have been crazy dry this entire pregnancy! (I should probably be drinking more water...) It has no scent or taste, it's not sticky, it leaves your lips and skin feeling soo hydrated! I have used this stuff everyday since Christmas + it's improved DRASTICALLY! Even if you're not pregnant.... you need this balm. @SomethingNavy swears by it- which is why I ever got it in the first place!

2. This Facial Scrubber: First trimester hormones got the best of my skin. I was breaking out like CRAZY by week 9... I actually bought this facial scrubber at the Four Seasons Spa (David surprised me with a spa day and facial for my birthday!) but found it on Amazon for half the price! It has played a huge part in my daily skincare routine... the front side is soft for cleansing and the rougher, honeycomb side is for exfoliating!

3. 10 FOOT PHONE CHARGERS: Because... hellooo... I basically spent all of first trimester on the couch. We keep these long chargers plugged in every room! Plus, they're pretty... and cheap!!

4. This Plastic Mason Jar Cup: I have three of these and use them all day, every day! I was really having a hard time keeping up my water in-take first trimester (you have to drink SO much water while you're pregnant!!!) so I read that if you have an easy, refillable cup that you love you'll drink more! I ordered this one on Amazon and ordered 2 more after I got it! When kids come over I also fill these up for them because they have a tight lid! 

5. Mama Bee Body Butter: My girlfriend Meredith got this stuff for me and I LOVE it! I haven't gotten a single stretch mark yet, and I have read many reviews of women saying the same thing about this butter. It's unscented and super creamy... I use it all over my belly (and boobs because they're growing too, unfortunately) after I shower. It makes your skin SO soft!

6. This t-shirt dress: Has been a lifesaver with a growing belly. It's non-maternity but fits and feels great. I love that you can wear it with sneakers but I've also dressed it up with booties for date night. I like to throw a chunky cardigan over it! It'll be great postpartum because of the fit + ruching detail over the stomach area. Andddddd, it's under $60 and comes in a bunch of colors and sleeve styles!

7. My Favorite Blankie: Yes, for the millionth time. If you don't have it, get it. It's still on sale. And you will snuggle with it every night! I used this ALL of first trimester because I was so sick and tired all of the time... I can't wait to get one for baby, too!

8. Organic Coconut Oil: My $10 lifesaver this pregnancy. Before I started using the Body Butter, I was dousing my belly with coconut oil. And I still am! Step 1 post-shower: Rub entire body down with coconut oil. Even your face! Step 2: Rub belly with body butter, on top of coconut oil! I also use this to remove my eye makeup.

9. + 12. My Favorite Maternity T's: These have been my everyday layering pieces since about week 19 when I popped. I love the crewneck style because they cover my ever-growing boobs and hug all of the right places. They're the comfiest t-shirts I've ever owned, so soft I sometimes even sleep in them! I have white, grey, and black. These are a MUST! AND they are currently 40% off with code GOFORIT.

10. Paige Maternity Jeans: A girlfriend of mine told me to splurge on one pair of nice, comfortable maternity jeans. I was rocking the hair-tie-holding-up-my-jeans look for a little too long. I finally got these in the mail last week from A Pea In The Pod and I haven't taken them off! They are by far the best and most comfortable jeans I own... they even beat my lulu leggings! How! I don't know! But, it will definitely be tough to go back to normal jeans postpartum. Make the splurge, it's worth it!

11. Cozy Joggers: It was really hard for me to get out of bed due to crazy morning sickness and nausea during my first trimester... let alone get ready for the day! I loved these joggers because I still felt cute hanging around the house in them. This pair is under $25 and hits low enough that I can still wear them with a bump! 


What are some of your Pregnancy Must Haves? We are coming close to the third trimester, so I'd love to know what I need!