Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

What your mom REALLY wants.

  1. Devotional For Moms | Whether it’s for a new mom or mom of five, a devotional is one of the most thoughtful gifts to give. Every mom can be encouraged to press PAUSE! I love giving a book with a small note written inside- that way they can look back and remember your encouraging words forever. You can also pop a small Starbuck’s Gift Card in there! Under $15.

  2. Louis Dupe Wallet | Y’all know I LOVE my amazon wallet! I really love the pink details on this one and the reviews are amazing. I have this one that is very similar. The quality and reviews are both amazing. You guys have sold it out every time I’ve mentioned it! Oh, and did I mention they’re both under $20 on PRIME?

  3. Personalized Phone Case | My mom and I BOTH have these phone cases. Mine says ‘MADI’ and her’s says ‘ALLYCAT’ (that’s her grandma name). We love these personalized with you kids’ names, your grandma name, your own name, your pet… honestly, anything! They’re also under $35.

  4. iPhone Charging Pad | This is a random item but Ally Cat Approved (and suggested I add to this list!). She has multiple and keeps one on her kitchen counter and one by her bed. It’s an easy spot for your mom or grandma to keep her phone at all times! It’s also nice to put your phone down while you’re in bed to charge… so you won’t be tempted to get on it! I added this to my own cart. :) $24.99 on prime.

  5. 4 Things Tote | A gift that gives back! This cute hot pink detail tote has all of the “Mom Goals" on it… so it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift! And the best part? Each tote gives back to Haiti + supports expectant moms and their new babies through Project Medishare’s maternity centers in rural parts of Haiti. You can wear this bag knowing you’re saving lives. $36.

  6. Cool Mom Tee | I linked all of the other awesome Mother’s Day gift options that give back to Project Medicare in Haiti here! All Shop Forward products are super soft + amazing quality, too.

  7. Amazon Dot + Wall Mount | This is a gift that my mom and I BOTH have! It’s basically like having a built in speaker in your kitchen. We use it DAILY and love that we can ask Alexa about the weather or to play “Baby Shark” for the millionth time that day. But, you HAVE to buy the wall mount!! It is the best- allows your dot to sit and stay in one place without being carried around/moved by everyone in the house! $29 + $10.

  8. Instant Camera | This is the perfect gift for any mom-to-be. My mom gave it to me for my baby shower last year and we used it at the baby shower, the hospital, and for all big milestones during Easton’s first year. It was such a special gift to document the fiends and family who came to visit him and all of his special moments and holidays. Remember to add film, too! $69.

  9. Champagne Fragrance Diffuser | Okay, this is a SPLURGE but my mom and I have both had ours for over a year and they are not even half way empty!! They make your entire house smell heavenly. My mom actually found this after going to a friend’s house and it smelled so good she had to know why. This is a gift that lasts forever and will be a favorite!!

  10. Amazing Grace Whipped Body Creme | This is a favorite spring/summer scent of ours! It’s super lightweight and airy, smells just like you got out of the shower with a fresh towel. We have both worn this cream for years! $36.

  11. Champagne House + Home Soap | Someone special might be getting this soap for her powder bathroom… promise it will make your bathroom smell as delicious as the diffuser does! For guests only! Under $20.

  12. Champagne Fragrance Candle | I think you understand how much we LOVE this scent! My mom and I also have this candle in both of our homes :).

  13. Jumbo Yeti Tumbler | A yeti cup is the perfect gift for literally ANY mom: sporty mom, mom on the go, new mom, pregnant mom, working mom… you name it! My mom and I both carry a yeti with us everywhere we go! I love the 30 oz one and she likes the 20 oz tumbler. The Yeti Coffee Mug is also one of my favorites! All come in a ton of colors on prime and under $35! I also have this Yeti Dupe from target that I love… I have it in bright yellow! They come in 10 colors and are under $10.

  14. Reusable Straws | If you purchase the tumbler, you have to add these adorable reusable straws! I buy a pack whenever I see a cute color in target. They are my favorite brand and are the perfect length for the 30oz tumbler. Under $5.

  15. Custom Name Necklace | My tried + true Easton necklace. These necklaces are a splurge and a “forever” piece. I have the Mini Goals in 14k gold… you can even add multiple names to one chain! This necklace is one of my favorite pieces I own and I cannot wait to add another one to my neck come fall! You can use my code madison15 to save $$ on your order!! (This is not an ad, just an item that I absolutely love and asked the brand for a code to help you out!).

I am adding some other random items that my mom and I both love below! I hope this is helpful for you and saves you some time while looking for a thoughtful gift for the mamas in your life. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing moms that take the time to follow my little family and me. We love you and we celebrate you!!!!