1. Toy Cars | $5 | These cars have been one of Easton’s favorite toys since he was four months old. They are flexible on top, rattle, and easy to throw in a purse and bring on the go. We love these!

  2. Noah’s Ark Little People Set | $35 | I ordered this for E! He loves all of his Little People toys because they are small easy to pick up but big enough to chew on while teething. I love that he can also play with this set for years to come.

  3. Classic Infant Trio | $30| David came home with this present last night! It’s a set of three classic toys that E will play with for the next year or two. It’s also a larger size box so it’s perfect to wrap up under the tree!

  4. My 1st Football | $15 | My mom got this for Easton a while ago and we love it… it’s soft like a stuffed animal but has a rattle in it so E enjoys playing with it!

  5. What’s Inside Box | $35 | This was gifted to us at my baby shower and it has become one of Easton’s very favorite toys!! It’s a felt box filled with tons of different toys for them to grab and play with. It’s a great STEM/learning toy with sensory objects inside for kids to feel and explore… LOVE this one.

  6. Wooden Activity Cube | $35 | My parents have this at their house and it’s amazing! I am ordering this for Easton because it’s great for him now that he’s pulling himself up on everything!

  7. Stackable Cups | $10 | We bought these for our Jamaica trip and they instantly became a favorite toy. This would make a great stocking stuffer for your baby. Perfect for play and bath time!! We use these everyday!

  8. Sit-to-Stand Toy Walker | $35 | This is perfect for ages 6month+… as your baby learns to sit up, crawl, stand, walk- this toy does it all for every stage! You can also remove the front piece so they can play with it on its own. LOVE THIS!

  9. Peek-A-Boo Bear | $25 | We have had this since Easton was born and he still plays with it all the time! We use it to distract him and he loves to interact with this bear!

  10. Soft Photo Book | $8 | If you live away from family, this is a great idea to fill with photos of far-away friends and family so your baby can learn their faces! It’s important for them to see faces through photos so they are comfortable with them when visitors come! We love this!! Also a great idea if you live away from your little nieces/nephews- fill it with photos of you and your family!

  11. Dancing Mickey Mouse | $40 | This sold out last year and it’s back! We love this dancing mickey…. enough said!

  12. Super Hero Little People Racers | $20 | Like I said before, E LOVES all of his Little People toys! I love that these little people are super hero and in race cars! Too cute. Plus, he’ll play with these for years to come.

  13. Range Rover Push Car | $50 | Now that Easton is a little bigger he can pull himself up on this and soon he will be walking with it! It is adorable and they have different car options as well!

  14. Ford Truck Push Car | $88 | We have been wanting to buy a trike for Easton and we love the idea of this car push car instead! It would be great for walks… and Winnie could fit, too!

I hope this was helpful! These are just a few of our favorite things and a few items I am personally ordering as well! Below are some other items that I’m loving or already have for E! As always, small shops are great for clothes and more personal gifts. These are my favorite:

-Little Bipsy

-Baby Breez

-Roman & Leo

-George Hats

-Clover Baby

More gift guides to come!!!