Friday 5: Favorite Items This Week!

I hope everyone had a great week! Happy February and Happy FRIIIIIDAY! Today I'm starting a new series where I'll recap my 5 favorite things from the week. It'll be anything from my favorite beauty items, clothes, shoes, favorite moments of the week, favorite baby products... it will change weekly and I'd love to hear if there's anything specific you'd like me to share on here! I'll add the requests in next week.

Here is what I'm crushing on this week:


I put this Ren oil on my story a few weeks ago after Jessie James Decker shared her favorite Ren products on her story!! It wasn't a sponsored post either, she was just talking about how much these products changed her skin and how Eric could see a difference.. blah, blah.. I struggle with the same fine lines and dull skin that she was talking about... so duh, I ordered it!! I couldn't believe how fast it sold out (seriously, within the hour... this oil was sold out on every site!!). 

Let me just tell you. JJD was not joking about this stuff. It has made such a huge difference in my skin. Because I've been so nervous to use certain products during pregnancy, I've only been using coconut oil on my face for the past 6 months. So when I saw that this product was all natural and safe for preggo girls.. I was sold. I rub 6 drops all over my face after I wash + exfoliate... and I saw a difference in the glow + elasticity of my skin after just a few days... try it out, you can always bring it back to Sephora if it doesn't work for you! But now I want ALL 3 of the products she posted!! 


So, both of these items are more on the pricey side for me. Especially when it comes to beauty products! But as I'm getting older and slowly watching my skin change (nooooooooo) I've realized that skincare is one of the most important purchases you can make for yourself. So, 2018 I'm committing to save money in other areas (less random makeup/Forever 21 shopping sprees... I'm not 21 anymore. Still love it.) so that I can splurge on these necessities. My 60 year old self will thank me!!!! 

Okay, back to the point! I shared this scrub on my story yesterday and y'all sold it out on amazon!! I got it last week at Dallas' new Natural Beauty store Credo Beauty (new favorite place in town!!). I was able to test out this scrub on my hand (I didn't want to scrub off my makeup, but you can test any and ALL of their products before you buy!!)... and it made my hand as soft as a baby's bottom. If you read the many 5-star reviews, you'll see how effective this scrub is.

I use one finger-size scoop, scrub it all over my face for 1 minute (it does hurt a little! But an I-Know-You're-Getting-The-Job-Done kind of pain.) and then I let it sit for a few minutes because the ingredients are all natural and great for your skin. The scrubbing crystals don't disappear like they do in many exfoliators, so you can continue to scrub for as long as you'd like! I have read reviews saying that it is a great for acne, acne scars, lips (exfoliating your lips is the best.. do it before a date night!), and ALL skin types. You can use it daily... I have probably used it 7 times in 10 days and it has really cleared up the hormonal pregnancy breakouts I was getting. 

LOVE this product. Read the reviews and let me know if you try it out! 


I don't care if I am the gazillionth blogger who has told you to get these shoes.... GET THESE SHOES! Before they sell out for the summer! Because I promise you- they will. Last year, my mom convinced me to get these espadrilles... I was so hesitant because it seemed like every girl on instagram was wearing them. And I'm just not into that! But, I went to Nordstrom to try them on (because your mom can pretty much convince you to do anything) and I fell in love. The heel is a perfect height (short and tall women alike love these wedges)... they are SO comfortable because of the platform sole. The strap hits perfectly at your ankle giving you a sexy day-to-night shoe.. David LOVES these shoes on me and says that they really accentuate my legs and make them look long!!

I wore this sandal all spring in summer long: with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it... they are comforbtale enough to walk around in all day and pretty enough to pull them out at night. I even love them styled with jeans! I'm just telling you now, these shoes will go quickly!! I already wore mine last weekend and plan on wearing them until Fall!

Here is my exact pair from last year, the color goes with EVERYTHING! Limited sizes available!! 

Limited sizes Available |  Here ON SALE  $75 and  Here ON SALE

Limited sizes Available | Here ON SALE $75 and Here ON SALE


Isabel Hoop Earrings  in Silver | $32 

Isabel Hoop Earrings in Silver | $32 

Isabel Hoop Earrings in Gold | $32

Isabel Hoop Earrings in Gold | $32

One of the most random questions that I get asked often is "what's your favorite everyday earring?" This is so funny to me because I RARELY wear earrings... but when I do... it's these hoops. I have had both the silver and gold pair for 2 years now. For just $32, it's amazing that they haven't tarnished!! These are my favorite earrings because they're the perfect size hoop, super thin, and SO light weight.. you can wear them all day long and you won't even notice that you have on earrings! 

I love how these hoops can also be dressed up, I've worn them to weddings and events with fancy dresses and I've also worn them on the beach with a bikini and jean shorts (because I think thin hoops look so cute with a bikini).  I know you can buy hoops anywhere and everywhere... but these really are THE BEST! 


I am SO excited to share #5 with y'all! This might be my favorite DUPE for spring!!! Last year I went back and forth trying to decide if I should splurge on the Cult Gaia bamboo tote. I LOVED how everyone was styling this bag last summer and I really wanted it for our trips to Bora Bora and Brazil, but I never dropped the ball because it was $180+ just for the small one. 

Well.... I have a surprise for you!!! I found the exact style for UNDER $40! If you read all of the 5-star reviews on this dupe, you'll see that everyone is pleasantly surprised with the quality and make of it for the price. I ordered mine and cannot wait to use it all spring and summer long.... when I'm not using a diaper bag. Send me pictures if you get this bag! 

There you have it... my Friday 5 (random) Favorites! Let me know what you guys want to see next week! I hope you have a great weekend... sending you love + joy!