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Sometimes shopping for the men in your life can be the hardest task on your Holiday To-Do List. Seriously, WHY ARE GUYS SO HARD TO SHOP FOR!? When I asked y'all what Gift Guides you wanted most for 2017, Gifts For The Guys was #1 most requested! I teamed up with David on this particular list to find out what men ACTUALLY want to find waiting for them under the tree! I am creating another gift guide for your guys... with some items that David doesn't know about quite yet (wink, wink!). So, stay tuned for more! These are the top items that I have purchased for my husband (also gifts that I bought for him when he was #boyfriendstatus), my dad, brother, you name it- and they are all GUY APPROVED!! (Hover over each item in the image  or click on the title of the product to shop!)

Let me explain why:

1. Nespresso Machine + Milk Frother: I bought this for David last Christmas and he has used it every. single. day. If not twice a day. It is by far his favorite gadget in our house. When we went to Europe, every hotel had this machine in the room and since then, he always wanted one! They make an espresso in less than 15 seconds, and if you add up how many uses you'll get out of it in just one year alone..... that's around 50cents a day (or something like that??). What I'm trying to say is.. this gift is worth the splurge! Plus: it looks pretty on your kitchen counter + you can make yummy lattes using the frother for yourself! 

2. Nespresso Capsules: If you buy the machine, you'll need these! I love the beautiful colors they come in and this variety pack has the best flavors. There are also tons of options on Amazon to display your pretty pods... make sure to grab one! 

3. Beats Wireless Earphones: Safe to say these are my top pick for any guy on your list. If he doesn't have a pair of these headphones yet, I'm certain they're on his WANT List! These earphones are so comfortable, I even stole David's pair when I ran the New York City Marathon and they didn't fall out once! 

4. Nike Zip Jacket: Last year I got this jacket for David AND my brother and they both LOVED them. I got the navy for David + the grey for my brother. They both have the matching pair of black sweatpants... so I knew they would both love this zip up. It is plenty warm for the cooler months, great for casual weekends/your kid's soccer games (hot dad alert) + it looks super cute even with jeans and a white t-shirt. SCORE!

5. THE ROKU: Awesome gift for your dad if he doesn't have a smart TV or a cable box! We have a ROKU that we keep in our bedroom to watch all of our favorite NETFLIX shows... plus you can stream live TV + get tons of other apps on this thing. We love ours and it is super easy to use!!

6. DeWalt Drill Kit: When I helped my brother move to his new place in California, the only tools he had were from IKEA! I bought this drill for him last year and it comes in the most compact carrying case that he stores in his closet. He liked it so much, I even got one for David. It's a great size- girls can also handle this tool! Awesome gift for any guy on your list, they'll also be impressed!! 

7. Pro V1 Golf Balls: Duh. The easiest gift every year. You can even buy one pack and stuff each individual box in each guy's stocking. We have been buying these for my dad since I was a little girl! Done + done.

8. Chef Knife Sharpener: This one is on David's list this year. He LOVES his kitchen knives (he is definitely the better cook of the two) but they have become a little dull. So while we were making our wedding registry, he kept pointing this knife sharpener out + I took a mental note! This would be a great gift for your guy if he likes to cook!

9. THESE J. CREW SWEATPANTS: are David's most favorite pair of sweatpants. I am buying them for my brother this year! They look so cute on all sizes and they are nice enough to wear out of the house. I love them + wish they came in my size, ha! I also linked the similar factory pair here. I promise he will trade in his Christmas jammies for these sweats + will keep them on until you wash them! 

10. Under Armour Briefs: David will probably kill me for putting his favorite briefs on here- but hey, the world needs to know!! I found these for our wedding (because he needed a thin, slim fit under his nude suit) and they quickly became is favorites... plus guys can comfortably workout in them! Underwear is on of the best stocking stuffer because you can NEVER have too many! 

11. Kiehl's Facial Fuel: This is a gift that I buy every year. This energizing face wash is great for all skin types + it smells amazing. It's like a little spa for your guy... he'll love it as much as you do. Plus, this bottle lasts a long time + looks pretty in his stocking! 

12. Nest Thermostat: We bought this for our new house and we're both obsessed. If you get this for your husband or dad, he will think you're the coolest ever. It synchs with your phone, google home or your amazon alexa to control the temp in your house (which is the #1 argument in our house!!!). I love being able to control temp from my phone. PLUS- it will end up saving you money because the Nest automatically shuts off your air when nobody is home! 

13. Clarks Desert Boot: The perfect boot for any guy. David has two pairs, leather + suede and he wears both year-round! I love how classic these boots are, they will never go out of style. This shoe is a great gift for your guy, your brother, and even your dad. He'll love them!! 

14. Mophie Force Case + Wallet: If he doesn't like carrying a wallet, he'll love this phone case! It is the only wallet that has lasted with my guy, David hasn't taken his off since he got his phone over a year ago (and it's still standing!). I love how sleek this case + wallet combo is compared to others that are bulky in men's pockets. The magnetic detachable wallet is also so strong, you'll never have to worry about it falling off!

15. Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew: This item is going to be on more than one of my gift guides! We got it as a wedding gift and we are both obsessed with this thing! It removes the foil + cork without any force and in just a few seconds! It comes with a small USB plug to recharge. It's also pretty enough that you can leave it out on your bar. Whenever we have friends over, they always take a picture of this thing to make sure they order it at home... If any man in your life enjoys a glass of wine, he'll definitely enjoy this gift. 

16. Schmidt Brothers Knife Block + Set: You can thank me later for this one!! These are the most beautiful knives you've ever seen... we get compliments every time guests come over. If your guy likes to cook, he will LOVE this knife set (and it looks so pretty on your kitchen counter, you're really buying a gift for yourself!). They are also currently marked down! 

17. UGG Slippers: A super easy gift for ANY guy on your list. They won't want to take these slippers off... best part is, they look nice enough to wear on a night run to CVS! (We have a lot of those!!) Plus, they'll wear them for years to come.

18. Jason Markk Quick Wipes: For the sneaker head in your life... these wipes are the perfect stocking stuffer!! They quickly clean shoes without having to bring out the entire shoe kit. These are already on they way to our house for David's stocking + for my brother.. shhh, don't tell! 


I hope this first guide helped ease some of your Christmas shopping nerves! The best part is, these are all available online so you can avoid the malls this holiday season. Yikes! 

I am so excited to share the rest of my Holiday Gift Guides with you in the next few days, if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave it in the comments below!! I really love finding the best gifts + deals for you guys, so please don't hesitate! 

With LOVE,


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