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Per request, here are a few of my favorite (and most wanted) items under $25! I scoured the internet for the very BEST deals for y'all, and found a bunch of these items for discounted prices... so lots of them retail for more than $25 making them the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers! 

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1. Write The Word Journals: These are at the top of my Christmas list this year. Each vegan leather wrapped journal focuses on learning, writing, and spending more time in scripture. Depending on what season you're in, there is definitely a journal for it... from Cultivating Hope, Gratitude, Joy + More.. each journal is filled with pages of inspiring scripture and messages. I can't wait to fill mine with prayers and thoughts. It's the perfect journal to start each morning in. If you're NOT a journal keeper, this is a GREAT way to start because it will help guide you in those first awkward entries!

2. Tarte Pro-Glow Highlight + Contour Palette: I have the big version of this, and I have used it down to the core! I even used it on my wedding day. LOVE IT!! It is the best palette for contour beginners, and the highlighters are gorgeous on any skin tone... this little starter kit is perfect for any stocking. Or tie a pretty bow around it with a cute card for your girlfriends.

3. Amazing Grace Ornament: Alright y'all, I found this super marked down for you!! Amazing Grace has been one of my favorite scents for years (probably too many years). It's soft, clean, and for somebody who does not like perfume- I love this scent. This little ornament is perfect for stocking, girlfriends or even younger girls that you need to buy a gift for! Plus it's under $12... easy peasy!!!

4. I Am Freaking Cold Pullover: Ha!! I am obsessed with graphics. Especially ones that make me laugh. David and I are constantly disagreeing about the temperature in our house, he likes it absolutely FREEZING.... so, I need this. My best friend is also ALWAYS cold. Like even in August. So I'll be getting this for her too. Sorry, Nits! 

5. Monogram Clutch: Yesterday I saw these in store and I fell in love. The painted on monogram looks just like the Goyard monogram and the bright colors are to die for. For $15, this is one of my favorite gifts on this list! You can even fill it with a little nail polish or this $10 MAC lip gloss for your girlfriends. 

6. SPAcells Facial Sponge: Buy this for every girl on your list + thank me later. I swear by this thing!! You don't need those expensive face scrubbers from Nordstrom, this is the best exfoliator you could ever want. It has 2 sides, a soft side for cleansing and the other exfoliating. It decreases puffiness, keeps your skin super soft, removes dead cells, massages... I bought one at The Four Seasons Spa, but found them online for half the price (under $15!!). I promise you'll love this thing!

7. Beauty Blender + Cleanser Ornament: I am repeating myself because I know I have said this 100 times. If you don't use a Beauty Blender you are missing out. This is such a great stocking stuffer and gift. I use my beauty blender every single day, with multiple products!! You can read about why I love it so much in my makeup post. But if you have daughters, they will think you're a great mom if you sneak this in their stockings. And daughters, your mom will love this, too!

8. Nest Holiday Candle: I keep a stash of these every Christmas. If you ever don't know what to give to somebody for the Holidays, give them this candle! This is the mini $16 version that is perfect for friends, teachers, hosts. I love this scent so much, I have already lit it this season and I'll keep it lit until February!! It never disappoints, people will walk in your house and ask you why it smells so good!

9. Cozy Pom Pom Beanie: I got this hat last year for Christmas and absolutely loved it, I even wore it in my post the other day (I've had it on all week!). I found it on sale for you guys for just over $20. It makes the perfect gift for your girlfriends... because everybody loves a beanie!! And this one is made out of quality material, so you won't feel like you got them a cheap gift.

10. Yeti Rambler: This coffee mug is on my wish list! I love my big yeti cup, and know that I'd love this smaller size for coffee, tea, hot chocolate... this is a gift that your friends will use all year long. I know David would love this for his early work mornings! They also have the best colors this year. PLUS- GET 20% OFF TODAY ONLY!!

11. MAC Lipgloss in Nymphette: This is my very favorite lipgloss + shade. A quality lipgloss for $10, this is the PERFECT stocking stuffer. The nudey-pink shade is gorgeous on any skin tone. I think this would be a great gift to put inside the Monogram Clutch I mentioned above!

12. Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray: I know I have said it before, but this stuff is my JAM!!! I use it almost everyday. Clean or dirty hair, this stuff can make your hair look perfect tossled + it smells amazing. I am one of those people who only washes their hair once a week, so I really love that I can add a few waves with my wand and spray this all over to revive my hair on day 4... or 6. My girlfriend Sabrina bought this for me on my birthday last year and I have loved it since! So- be that friend.

13. Barefoot Dreams Socks: Okay, you guys are going to think I'm crazy with my Barefoot Dreams obsession- BUT, it's just the best!! If you get a pair of these socks, you'll understand. As I said before- our house is always freezing. So I wear these socks like slippers. They come in so many colors which make them an awesome gift for ANYONE on your list (even your Grandmother will love these!!). They also come wrapped with a pretty little bow which makes them seem more special than just a pair of socks

14. Free Of Me Book: My mom and I recently ordered this book after seeing Samantha Ponder sharing it on her IG story. She always has the best book recommendations. I only just started it and already love it. There is so much truth in every page, it's one of those books that you want to highlight every word!!

15. Photo Easel Calendar: This is actually an awesome gift for anyone on your list, even men! I would love this calendar at my desk filled with photos of my favorite people. For less than $25, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give this year. Any lady I know would love this on her kitchen counter! Plus, this website always has awesome deals!!

16. Naked Smokey Eyeshadow Palette: I have no idea how I found this for such a great deal (it is like 70% off!!) but, you should grab a few of these palettes for your girlfriends before they sell out!! I have 3 Naked Palettes, including this one, and they are the best. Any girl that enjoys makeup will love this gift!

17. Ban.Do Portable Charger: David and I are obsessed with our portable chargers. I am always finding them in random suitcases, purses, our cars... and plugging them in to charge back up! If I had this pink one, maybe he wouldn't steal it!! For ANY girl on your list- from thirteen to seventy (or even higher if they have an iPhone!) this is one of the best stocking stuffers/gifts you can give. Nobody can ever have too many chargers. And this one is so cute (plus, it's under $20)!!

18. Bando 2018 No Bad Days Agenda: Bando makes the most adorable calendars/agendas. I saw this one in Swoozie's recently and found it online for a better price! It has a great + simple format. I love being able to write out my tasks and week and being able to check them off as the day goes by!! Your friends, mom, coworkers will love this too.


Please leave a comment with any questions about these items! I hope this helps you check off some gifts on your list! 

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