Makeup Haul: My Beauty Favorites

If you made it through my 62 videos on my instagram story, then you are my hero. And I thank you. I'm also slightly embarrassed. But I hope they helped you even in all of my awkwardness! 

Now on to the good stuff: MAKEUP! Every girl loves makeup. Here is a list from start to finish of every product I used on my instagram story as well as my two cents of why I love it! If you have ANY questions about a product, shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to answer!

Let's begin! (Click on any image/product title to shop)

The Estee Edit Radiance Activator: Marked down to $27!! This has been a favorite of mine but it is sadly getting discontinued, hence the awesome price. I add a couple of pumps of this to my face before I begin my makeup! It adds a small amount of glow + lightly moisturizes without leaving your skin greasy. Just a great prep.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter: The very best primer you'll ever use. Somedays (most days) I just wear this under my bronzer without any foundation and it really gives your skin a radiant glow. I love that it primes + blurs imperfections. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: If you order ANYTHING from this makeup haul, let it be this foundation. I swear by it. I tell all my friends to use it, and they all thank me afterwards! And so will you!! My mom also loves this foundation... neither of us have ever used + liked a foundation until THIS! It's super light weight, very silky (duh, the name), doesn't get caught in fine lines or pores... and does NOT cake. It is definitely a splurge but a bottle will last you a year (if you don't use a TON of foudation... one to two drops works!). I am color 5.25... but could probably go a half shade lighter in the winter. But I'll work with it till it runs out! Please only use this with a DAMP beauty blender... it is a magical combo. But that beauty blender HAS to be DAMP (just use sink water and ring it out!)

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Priming Potion in Eden: This stuff is the jam. I got lots of questions asking how I got my eyeshadow to stay put (since I use it as liner as well! And it lasts all day/night!). Well, here you have it- this is the trick! Add a little smudge of this with your finger from your lash line to your brow bone (just a little dab, you don't need much) and rub it in. This tiny bottle will last you FOREVER.... so it's worth it.

Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette: This is my #1 all time favorite eyeshadow palette. My GF Sabrina is the best makeup artist ever and she got me hooked on this palette after she used it for my bridal makeup. There are so many different looks you can create with it and the colors blend beautifully. Check my Makeup Tutorial Videos that I highlighted on my Instagram to see how I mixed these colors for an everyday look... PLUS, I use this as my eyeliner as well! So, two birds one stone.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer in Color Y31: After I add my eyeshadow and BEFORE I use mascara, I finish the face. This concealer is great for long-wear. It literally lasts all day, and I've even slept in it and woken up feeling like it's still there... so, you'll definitely get good use out of this concealer. I like to use it as my contour as well (use your finger to place it in a triangle shape under your eye and then buff in with the damp beauty blender around the face.. see my video for more tips!).

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light in Luminous 2: If you are just looking for a quick fix that doesn't take as long and isn't as thick as the Makeup Forever concealer.... this under-eye brightener is my tried and true FAVORITE. I'm currently out of it (why I didn't use it in the video) but absolutely LOVE this stuff and have used it for years... I always go back to it!! 

Josie Maran Hydrating Mist: After I finish using all of the liquid products (primer, foundation, concealer) and eyeshadows, I like to use this mist to set it before I add on my powders. It is SO hydrating for your skin and smells amazing... made from only argan, coconut water, minerals and fruit complex- your skin feels and smells amazingly refreshed. It's very lightweight and will NOT make you breakout... it basically feels like a mist of water. I also use this spray to set the entire look once I'm finished... and maybe once again through out the day to bring your makeup back to life! 

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow: This palette is awesome for contour beginners. I use the "sculpt" to contour my cheekbones, forehead and nose and the different highlighters for evenings. You can do a lot with this palette! If you are just wanting to try it out and not splurge, this smaller version will also get the job done for almost half the price:

also a perfect stocking stuffer!!! Hellooooo!

also a perfect stocking stuffer!!! Hellooooo!

Beauty Blender + Cleaner: Once I add on the contour, I go back over it with my DAMP beauty blender and blend all of the harsh lines out. You HAVE to get these things wet before you use them... just run it under your sink and ring it out! I clean mine every so often... probably should clean it more, but this little blender soap is the best and works like a charm. This also makes an amazing gift for any girl on your list!

Bare Minerals All Over Face in WARMTH: This is my favorite all-over bronzing powder that I have used for many years. The shade is gorgeous and really warms and highlights your cheeks. I also use this in the "3" shape around the sides of my face with a big fluffy brush from my Sephora Brush Kit.

NARS 'The Multiple' Stick in Orgasm: I have had this stick for years! No joke! Lasts forever! If you haven't tried NARS Orgasm then you are really missing out, because it is the most gorgeous and universal blush shade and has been a favorite for a long time. This stick is super easy to use, you can just add it on with your finger and a beauty blender. It also doubles as a lip shade! 

NARS Palette: I just love the shades of this palette and the NARS highlighter is the absolute best. I add a little extra bronzer and use my finger to swipe highlighter over my nose and cheekbones. This is one of my favorite steps and adds the perfect glow!! 

Tarte Setting Powder in Smooth Operator: I am NOT a powder fan... and I love this powder. It is see-through when you glide it on over your makeup and it keeps your makeup set until you take it off in the evenings. I used this stuff on my wedding day and have used it ever since. Promise you will love this compact if you try it!!

Dior Maximizer Volume Pumping Lash Primer: A splurge and worth every penny.. if you use drug store mascara this will give your lashes the extra boost. I swear it makes your eyelashes 3x longer- FOR REAL!!! It also helps your mascara not to fall in flakes throughout the day.. definitely stays put with this stuff.

Giorgio Armani Mascara: My tried and true favorite. My mom also loves this mascara as much as I do. Unfortunately I am out of this mascara and stepped out of my comfort zone and tried this one..... 

Diorshow Blackout Mascara: This stuff is no joke! If you like thick mascara, this is for you. It makes your lashes super long and thick, which is awesome.. but it's waterproof and I'm not crazy about that because I tend to sleep in it if it's difficult to take off (whoops.) But, it's worth every penny because it definitely gets the job done like it's supposed to!

Dior Diorshow Brow Styler in Universal Brown: This brow pencil is the first brow pencil I've ever actually liked. It is super natural looking and the comb on the end is my favorite part- because you can style your brows while you fill them in... keeping them as natural as possible! 

Kiehl's Baby Lip Balm: Self Explanatory. Best chapstick in the world. Also getting discontinued (NOOOOOOO! WHHYYYYYYYY?!) So, I need to order like a dozen to keep in stock. 

Dior Lip Liner in 169 Grege: #1 lip liner ever. If you love a natural/nude lip then you will love this shade! It also lasts a long time which is great... beautiful with just the chapstick on top but I like to add this lipstick to finish it off:

Chanel Lipstick in BOY: The BEST lipstick shade for natural/nude lovers like me. I do not like to wear color on my lips and I LOVE this shade!! It also feels special whenever I wear it beeeeecause it's Chanel. So fancy.

Sephora Brush Kit: I bought these brushes about 6 months ago and swear by this kit. They are awesome and ALL YOU NEED!!! This kit literally has it all... watch my video to see how I used almost every brush from this kit. Love them. You need them if you don't have any good brushes. Plus, it's not a crazy splurge for a set of nice brushes.

I love tan towels and I don't care who knows it! These are both great, SPLURGE vs. SAVE. I use them on my face + body. Just exfoliate in the shower, dry off and wipe your face + body down with a towelette... go over all of the spots until the towelette feels dry and then wash your hands with soap and warm water. VOILA! Let it dry for a few minutes before you get dressed... if you have an event, use these the night before.


WHEW! So many products, but I promise you will get the bang for your buck for each of them... leave me a comment and let me know what you LOVE, what you already have and what you NEED! 

Sending you love this Christmas and ALWAYS,


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