Makeup Routine


All of my skincare is from @skinbyblair in Charlotte, NC! She always has specials and can ship any products to you! You can message her with your skin type, etc. and she will know exactly what you need!


I recently switched over to a lightweight Givenchy foundation and love it! My all time favorite is the Georgio Armani foundation shown below. It is best to apply the Givenchy foundation with your fingers to warm it up and help it go on smoother! I apply my concealer with the beauty blender shown below! The target ones work just as well as the pricey Sephora blenders! I always set my concealer with the powder shown below.

Bronzer + Blush

Always apply your bronzer in a “3 Shape” from your chin to cheek to outer forehead! Then apply your brush on the outer apples of your cheek (the meatiest part of your cheek) and out toward your hairline. I recently found out that Nars famous Orgasm blush is not actually a blush but a blush “topper” and you should not be using it alone (I have for 10+ years!!!!). I switched over to Nars Torrid and LOVE it!!

Eyes + Brow

I have been using this $20 palette for months and love it, the colors blend beautifully and I use the black/dark brown shades for my eyeliner. Just dampen a small liner brush and use the darker shades for liner! It also helps if you have lash extensions because it’s not as aggressive as a liner pencil!


To be 100% honest, I found my makeup organizer at TJ Maxx or Homegoods! They always have them at great prices. But I found three super similar ones on amazon for great prices as well! Do yourself a favor and put all of the makeup that you NEVER use in a box! Put it in a closet! You don’t have to get rid of it, just move it away from your everyday makeup! This will help you feel SO much more organized!!

I hope this helped! Please leave any questions below!!