How To Organize Your Pantry + Maximize Your Space!

It’s finally here! The long awaited kitchen pantry reveal! I really wanted to LIVE in our new pantry space and see how effective it was before I shared it with you…. and let’s just say, organizing our kitchen was one of the BEST things I have decided to do in our home! I am so thankful for the amazing Neat Method DFW team + The Container Store for bringing my pantry vision to life!

First, I’m going to share our BEFORE photo… please don’t judge, we were living like a house full of college boys. For some reason, our pantry had ZERO shelves so when we moved in we just threw one of those cheap shelving unit that we brought from our apartment.



After Easton was born, I knew I needed to call in the big dogs to help organize my home. Obviously the nesting didn’t kick in quite like I needed it to! So that’s when I reached out to Valerie from Neat Method! Neat Method is a professional home organizing company with locations all around the country!

After our first call discussing my needs and ideas, Valerie showed up to my house and took a few pictures to figure out what products and services would maximize our space best! For me, our pantry was the #1 need (as you can tell!). She made everything so smooth and easy and was so incredibly helpful with ordering + picking up all of the products from The Container Store (this made my life SO much easier with a newborn at home! I didn’t have to think about any of the details!).

We decided to use The Container Store’s Elfa Custom Shelving in our pantry space and I could not be happier with how it turned out! It is your lucky day, because you can get 25% off of your Elfa Space until Sunday… as well as 25% off installation! These are amazing units for closets, pantries, garages, etc.

Valerie and her Neat Method Team brought everything that was needed from the Elfa shelving system, tools, bins, markers, and even a label maker for the custom labels! It was a seamless day and they were all so enjoyable to have in our home. They installed the shelving unit and organized each item from spices to cereal. We are SO happy with how it turned out!



This Elfa Shelving Unit made ALL the difference in maximizing the space of our pantry. We had no idea this little closet held so much potential… and so much food/cans/and other items that were hiding in our messy pantry! Our jaws literally dropped once we saw the finished product. Plus, we now know EXACTLY what we have in our pantry when it’s time to go grocery shopping and we aren’t doubling up on items we already had.

The exact Elfa unit we used, plus ALL other Elfa Units are currently 25% off until Sunday!


Neat Method made it so simple that David and I have both been able to keep it 100% organized since they left!


Elfa Shelving Unit (ALL Elfa Shelving Units are currently 25% OFF! |

Storage Bins | Plastic Bins | POP Canisters

Thank you, Neat Method DFW and The Container Store for making my pantry a dream come true! David and I both still feel like we are on an episode of MTV Cribs when we go to grab a granola bar.

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