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Gifts For Your Mom + Mother In Law

As many of y'all know, my mom and I are besties. Anything she loves, I love. And vice versa. I have also been blessed to have a DREAM mother in law who I adore. So, this Christmas is even more special with TWO moms to buy gifts for! Some of these items are gifts I have already purchased for my mom for birthdays/previous Christmases... and she has loved them so much that they are making the gift guide this year! Moms are the ones who take care of EVERYTHING for Christmas.. the holiday shopping, decorating, cooking, you name it- they do it. So this Christmas, let's spoil our moms rotten and let them know how special they are... READ MORE!

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Gifts For The Guys

Sometimes shopping for the men in your life can be the hardest task on your Holiday To-Do List. Seriously, WHY ARE GUYS SO HARD TO SHOP FOR!? When I asked y'all what Gift Guides you wanted most for 2017, Gifts For The Guys was #1 most requested! I teamed up with David on this particular list to find out what men ACTUALLY want to find waiting for them under the tree! I am creating another gift guide for your guys... with some items that David doesn't know about quite yet (wink, wink!). So, stay tuned for more! These are the top items that I have purchased for my husband (also gifts that I bought for him when he was #boyfriendstatus), my dad, brother, you name it- and they are all GUY APPROVED!! (Hover over each item in the image  or click on the title of the product to shop!)

Let me explain why:

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