Friday 5: Favorite Items This Week!

I hope everyone had a great week! Happy February and Happy FRIIIIIDAY! Today I'm starting a new series where I'll recap my 5 favorite things from the week. It'll be anything from my favorite beauty items, clothes, shoes, favorite moments of the week, favorite baby products... it will change weekly... [READ MORE...]

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Makeup Haul: My Beauty Favorites

If you made it through my 62 videos on my instagram story, then you are my hero. And I thank you. I'm also slightly embarrassed. But I hope they helped you even in all of my awkwardness! 

Now on to the good stuff: MAKEUP! Every girl loves makeup. Here is a list from start to finish of every product I used on my instagram story as well as my two cents of why I love it! If you have ANY questions about a product, shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to answer!

Let's begin!...

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Style + BeautyMadison Nelson
Gifts For Your Mom + Mother In Law

As many of y'all know, my mom and I are besties. Anything she loves, I love. And vice versa. I have also been blessed to have a DREAM mother in law who I adore. So, this Christmas is even more special with TWO moms to buy gifts for! Some of these items are gifts I have already purchased for my mom for birthdays/previous Christmases... and she has loved them so much that they are making the gift guide this year! Moms are the ones who take care of EVERYTHING for Christmas.. the holiday shopping, decorating, cooking, you name it- they do it. So this Christmas, let's spoil our moms rotten and let them know how special they are... READ MORE!

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Gifts For The Guys

Sometimes shopping for the men in your life can be the hardest task on your Holiday To-Do List. Seriously, WHY ARE GUYS SO HARD TO SHOP FOR!? When I asked y'all what Gift Guides you wanted most for 2017, Gifts For The Guys was #1 most requested! I teamed up with David on this particular list to find out what men ACTUALLY want to find waiting for them under the tree! I am creating another gift guide for your guys... with some items that David doesn't know about quite yet (wink, wink!). So, stay tuned for more! These are the top items that I have purchased for my husband (also gifts that I bought for him when he was #boyfriendstatus), my dad, brother, you name it- and they are all GUY APPROVED!! (Hover over each item in the image  or click on the title of the product to shop!)

Let me explain why:

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Yummy Fall Recipes!

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I posted on this ol' thing! 

David and I have so much fun cooking together. It's actually one his favorite things to do! How lucky am I to have a husband that likes to cook? Beeeeecause... well..

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Life + FaithMadison Nelson
Step Into Fall!

My hubs and I are getting ready to head to the lake with family for a few days, our last few days with his siblings before they go back to school! Did y'all know David is the oldest of 8 in his family???

So- Just wanted to post a quick little bit on this set I just got from Dottie Couture! I've got all the heart eyes for it... And it's only $38!!! 

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Who Are You Not To Be?

Hi friends!

It has been a crazy week coming home to Dallas and getting settled back in our apartment. We have officially been married for two months, we've only been home together a few weeks out of those two months, we are heading into the final weeks of our lease - not sure where we will be living yet - and trying to make grown-up decisions that most people have planned out a year in advance... but... that's just not who we are. Jesus take the wheel.

We actually enjoy the unknown. It has always been the place where...

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This Weekend's Best Sales!

I was so happy to come home and spend the weekend with my mom in Charlotte! My dad was out of town and David and I both agreed last minute that it was time to get our dog back... she has been with my parents since our wedding! 

So we made a little girls' weekend out of it!! 

One of our favorite things to do together is.... shop. Well I got lucky because this weekend is Gap's Friends + Family Sale (everything is 50% off) AND Vestique's Warehouse Sale!!! We have always LOVED the GAP. Nobody gives this classic store the credit it deserves... 90% of the basics in our closets are from the GAP! When David and I started dating he was like, "Seriously!? Is the GAP even a store anymore!?" Well.... all I can say is... the tall guy is wearing some gap now. 

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My Everyday Look in 11 Easy Steps!

Here it goes! My favorite go-to look in 11 easy steps:

I am a loyal makeup wearer... once I find something I like, I stick with it for years! After my wedding makeup trial with my girlfriend Sabrina (you need to follow her + Lindsey, because they are the real makeup gurus) - anywayssss! After my trial, Sabrina was laughing at me saying it was time for some new brushes + products! My drugstore eyeshadows weren't cutting it...

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Best. Day. Ever.

June 9, 2017. Our Wedding Day. The Best Day Ever.

Where do I even begin. 

I was never one of those girls who dreamt of a big, beautiful wedding all of my life. I only ever dreamt of marrying my best friend. Believe it or not, David was actually the one who requested that we even have a wedding! The one thing I was certain of was that I... Read more...

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Wandering in Wonder

I am not even sure how long it’s been since I’ve written on here. Months and months. I am officially the worst ‘blogger’ ever. Sooo, let’s just jump right in.

This past year has been a long stretch of mountains and valleys. The mountain tops have been soooooooo beautiful, colorful and full of life. And the valleys so dry and weird and confusing. It’s crazy -even, unfathomable- for me to think of where the Lord has brought me and how He got me here. In Dallas. Engaged to the man of my dreams. Thank you for your wonder, Jesus. Read more...

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